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Happy Birthday, Carla!
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LOVE him!

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teen wolf meme | [9/10] characters ► Derek Hale

I don’t care about power. Not anymore.

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Tyler Hoechlin @ Wolfsbane Con (Sep 1st, 2013)

This was when it was JR’s turn to say his favourite curse word and he got up to check with the staff to see if he was allowed to say it.

LOVE him!!! His smile is precious!

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This man is fucking perfect! WOW! I mean… he’s very nice and kind, funny and cute, but also look at this freeking perfect body!

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I just love this man so much!!!! Sooo cute and adorable, plus gorgeous and very handsome!

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Where the fuck is this gif from?! I’ve watched the 10th and 11th episode of S3, and don’t recall this moment…

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The most important post, I’m sure of it.



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Hello and welcome to the guide on the actor, who is most likely to be known as Derek Hale in the show Teen Wolf, Tyler Hoechlin.


Let’s begin with the ever-confusing pronunciation of Tyler’s last name, Hoechlin. HECK-LIN. Believe me, at first you will pronounce it a million and one ways apart from the correct way. Thanks Tyler. 

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