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Why did you say six months?
    Why did you say five minutes??
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Fandom artists are the best

by Alicexz-(x)

this is too amazing for words!

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Seriously, Clara had the same WTF face when she saw the 13th doctor as i had… i will really miss Matt Smith (the 12th Doctor)!!! No fond of the new one at all, and so far after the transformation…. i am still kind of not sure of him…

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Doctor Who Christmas episode starts now… omg!!!!

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The party don’t start till I walk in - fandom style

um I think we are forgetting the best one:


walk up in the club like what up im worshipped by a million teenaged girls with blogs

Sorry, party is over.

this is the post amazing thing i have seen on my dash today


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If you do not have a very good mood - enable this!


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i made a thing *cries*

Run, run you clever boy… we’ll remember you.

love him, will never forget him!

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This guy fucking scares me… still can’t believe he’s the new Doctor….

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Watched this spoiler that BBC posted (HERE) , and gosh he gives me the creeps… i mean, there’s something about him… he fits perfectly to play the villain, but not the Doctor….

I am still not that happy with the choice, it’s not about him being younger or older (although with all due respect, as the show was developing i was expecting a younger version of the character, so that there was a constant something), but just doesn’t feel like a Doctor… will still watch the show and hope that i am wrong and he is a good Doctor, but so far i am just not ready to say goodbye to the 11th Doctor….

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Great actors always know when it’s time for the curtain call, so this Christmas prepare for your hearts to break, as we say goodbye to number eleven. Thank you, Matt - bow ties were never cooler. x

Goodbye my dearest Doctor!!! LOVE YOU! Will always love you :(

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I have nothing against the actor, but SERIOUSLY?!!!! HE IS THE 12 Doctor?! I mean… WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?!!!! 

hm…… ok, something is rolling in my mind - What about him getting younger after each generation?! 

I just… i don’t see him as a doctor… i mean,… WHYYYYY???!!!!!!!


12th doctor tomorrow

12th doctor tomorrow

12th doctor t o m o r r  o w

WHAT THE FUCK DID I MISS?!!! My is everyone saying - 12th Doctor Tomorrow?!!!!!

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THIS moment, lmao! LOVE the Ponds!