MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my amazing followers! [x]

It has been a wonderful year, full of great movies, amazing tv show episodes, interesting books, fantastic songs and a lot more which i loved so much and posted or reblogged on my tumblr! I wanted to take the time and thank my amazing followers and wish them a MOST AMAZING NEW YEAR and a MERRY XMAS! Wishing all the best in the new year, may all your dreams come true and hope you’ll have a LOT of happy moments in 2013!

I also wanted to take the time and share with you a list of my MOST FAV BLOGS! It’s my FOLLOW FOREVER list and i LOVE these blogs SO MUCH:

jmaisonlilhouse | drake-ramoray | whysoserious | fawkess 

helenabaubles | trubieholicthefairiesrevengedextastique 

holymisha | citylightsrestlessnightsamytx84 | mpriestlys 

mileymemoirsmooselikejensen | brandedwithfireandtears 

acomfortinglietoldtoprotectyou | cristinayangleonardo-dream 

allenleechphotos | noirhummingbirddrunkmoriarty | hedlunds

farrellpls | doomslockandrewscottswhorelipscars 

glitterjustlikechristmas | hellonbowlegsmakemefall4u 

chrisevansappreciation | mrscapsicle | accio-hbc | scottxlogan

7c-ronaldo | onlymywishfulthinking-football | onlymywishfulthinking 

PS: This is an incomplete list, i know i forgot to mention some AMAZING blogs, sorry about that, but still - i love you (whoever you are) ;-) Once again - HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!


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